Our work is about transforming the conversations about serious illness that clinicians have with patients and physicians. To do this, we’re cultivating a tribe, because this project is much bigger than VitalTalk alone. Our collaborators are an amazing group of visionary organizations and gifted individuals. Our work reflects our commitment to culture change, learning edges, deep learning, whole persons, emergent design, and generative spaces. You can join us here, or find out what happening on our blog.


Cambia Health Foundation

VitalTalk recieved the Cambia Sojourn Award which will be used to develop a new mobile App.

Let’s have Dinner and Talk about Death

We’ve been at the table since this began in Michael Hebb’s dining room! See more here.

Center to Advance Palliative Care

We’re co-designing a breakthrough e-learning experience—stay tuned!

The Schwartz Center

We collaborated on a conference aimed at energizing and activating our tribe that you can participate in here.

Arthur Vining Davis

We’re collaborating on a new Vitaltalk Faculty course in 2014—check it out here.

American Cancer Society

We’ve collaborated on courses in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Boston, Miami—and there are more to come!


Renee Boss MD

Johns Hopkins
“I’m giving people tools to guide family decision-making.”

Jane Schell MD

University of Pittsburgh

“I’m cultivating person-centered communication in kidney disease care”


Elise Carey MD

Mayo Clinic

"I’m committed to bringing my whole self to the conversation."

Lynn O'Neill MD

Emory University

"I’m deepening my skills as an educator."

Jillian Gustin

Ohio State University

"I’m measuring changes in family conferences."

Michael Mendez MD

Henry Ford Health System

"I’m creating new conversations in the ICU."

Vicki Jackson MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

"I’m leading a service towards resiliency."

Wendy Anderson MD

University of California San Francisco

"I’m transforming hospitals throughout California."

Toby Campbell

University of Wisconsin-Madison

"I’m transforming my institution."

Rene Claxton MD

University of Pittsburgh

"I’m training the mentors of the future."

Lyle Fettig MD

Indiana University

Kristen Chasteen MD

Henry Ford Health System

"I’m here to cultivate my teaching."

Holly Yang MD

Scripps Health

"I’m here for the culture change—here & internationally."

Gordon Wood MD

Northwestern Medicine

"I’m here for the cutting-edge educational experience."