Using Reflection

Train Your Mind & Body:

When you get to a certain level of communication skill or teaching skill, it’s not about knowing the right phrase. We’re not dissing the usefulness of a particular phrase or concept—we’ve written about ‘hope for the best, plan for the worst’. Yet what we’ve seen over and over is that the experts don’t just have a larger repertoire of phrases.

The real experts we know evoke a sense of presence. In our experience, that comes from training something we call reflective capacity. In our minds, reflective capacity draws on mindfulness, imagination, kindness, and compassion. It enables clinicians to sit with strong emotion, to listen to the hard stuff without getting distracted, and to live with grief and compassion.

We don’t have a simple formula for this. And we ourselves have taken different paths in our own development. We’re sharing our experience with you here. It doesn’t all have a p value, but it has the footprints of a path we’ve actually traveled.

More to come...